According to Amazon, they will provide quantum computing services to create "software development environment" for programmers; however you can still use it according to your purpose.

Google and IBM are strongly competing over which side is gaining "quantum advantage," but Amazon is more about pragmatic issues. Just today, the company announced that it will launch a trial version of the Amazon Braket service - a US retailer's attempt to hack and turn quantum computing into a form of service you can access over the Internet. Amazon's move comes just a month after Microsoft launched a similar service. " Amazon Bracket will be a fully managed AWS service that integrates security and encryption at every level, " the company said.

At the moment, this service is still quite limited; where "you" are Amazon business customers, and "services" is that you can test by running simulations on a group of quantum computers provided by Amazon's partner companies, including D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti (IonQ is also a partner of similar services from Microsoft, Microsoft Azure Quantum).

" This new service is designed to help you have first-hand experience with qubits and quantum cycles. You can build and test these cycles in a simulated environment, then run them on a real quantum computer, "Amazon said.

But Amazon also said it was building an "AWS Center for Quantum Computing," a lab near the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to research and develop quantum computers on its own, with New applications of this type of calculator. The director of the quantum computing research center has confirmed that they are developing quantum hardware.

In theory, quantum computers have higher computing speed than traditional supercomputers, thanks to the fact that bits of this type of computer can exist in many quantum states, instead of just two states. turn on (1) and off (0) like traditional bits. Google recently said that the company has succeeded in building a Sycamore 54 qubit computer. The company said quantum computers were able to successfully perform a calculation that would take 10,000 years to use the most powerful supercomputer in the world today.

However, quantum computers are still rare and extremely expensive; so both Amazon and Microsoft are looking to turn them into a form of resource that can be shared, managed, and distributed, similar to what Amazon has done with its highly rated cloud platform, AWS. . "Virtual" server Amazon currently plays the role of "backbone" of many Internet services of many different companies that you are frequently using.

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