Learn about the relationship between API and Cloud storage

The development of technology has helped solve a number of "century" problems for businesses by bringing extremely large and flexible space for urgent needs such as storage and data management. excess. But storage and management are just the most basic features of cloud storage. What cloud storage can help you leverage in the seemingly "inanimate" data source that's still being produced every day is really potential to interest many businesses and developers.

1.  What is cloud storage ?

Cloud storage or cloud storage is a term used to refer to the actions to store, organize, manage, share, and back up the data of an individual who owns it on an external storage system. maintained by suppliers (or third parties). This service allows customers or users to have access to all their files remotely at any geographical location.

2.  What is API ?

API stands for Application Program Interface. The API is an intermediary software that allows two applications to communicate with each other.

How does the API work?

APIs are made up of two related components. The first component is a technical description of how information is exchanged between programs, made in the form of processing requests, and returning required data. The second is a software interface written for that description and published for use.

Software that wants to access API features invokes the API and the API creation software publishes the API.

To make it easier to understand, we will take a real example as follows:

When a user uses applications such as Facebook, Instagram, messaging app or weather check on their phone, the application on their device will connect to the internet and send requests to the server. The server will receive the information, then perform a series of actions such as analysis, interpretation ... then return data to the device. The application on the device will interpret that data and display readable information to the user. That process is the API.

In short, the API sends requests to the datastore and returns you exactly the information you requested.

API application

Currently, the social network facebook is used by a lot of users, and you want to write an application to post messages on this social network. So how to make such an application when facebook is another developer software? Understanding this need, facebook's programmers will offer libraries containing post, like, share, etc. functions on your site for developers to exploit! That is the API. So, it is the Facebook APIs that allow us to post stt, images, and comments, etc.

Google, Blogger, Gmail, Youtube, are Windows applications (Blogger, Internet Explorer, Blogger, ..) ... there are many websites and applications that provide APIs to support up programmer.

For example:

Situation: Your business web has a form for customers to sign up for appointments, You want to give customers the ability to automatically create events on Google calendar with details for that appointment.

Application API: The implementation will be as follows - your web server will talk directly with Google server about request to create event with given details. Your server will then receive a Google response, process and send back browser-related information, such as a confirmation message to the user.

3. Why does Cloud Storage need API?

As cloud technology is on the rise, system administrators are still eager to have more integrated ways for their cloud model. There are now more direct applications for  cloud computing , which require a higher level of customization. The ability to enhance the cloud experience and compatibility across multiple clouds has helped to create an environment called Cloud API .

In it, administrators can integrate applications, add large amounts of work to the cloud, automate a number of processes on a variety of platforms using these APIs.

As such, Cloud Storage services provide infinite and flexible access to tools such as website building, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), email marketing, assessment management, management. social media media ... in the simplest and most cost effective way through convenient APIs.

In particular, Cloud storage API is an application programming interface used to connect local platform applications to the cloud storage platform, so that users can post data, access and work with data. Data is stored in it. For applications, the cloud storage system is just another target device, like when stored on tapes or disks but with a much larger capacity. Besides, there are outstanding in both security and safety in backup against risks of theft, natural disasters and disasters.

In fact, the lack of use of Cloud API can make it difficult to move data from one provider's service to another's, and makes some potential customers feel nervous when using cloud storage.

To help address this concern, VCCloud Simple Storage provides a full API that allows developers to access, interact and work directly with their data. In addition, VCCloud Simple Storage is an infinite data store with the ability to query up to billions of files at the same time, opening up the storage capacity to be nearly infinite to the user.

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