T-Mobile suffered a data breach affecting prepaid customers

The US-based telecommunications giant today revealed another data breach incident that recently revealed the potential personal information of some of its prepaid customers.

What happened?

In a statement posted on its website, T-Mobile said its cybersecurity team discovered "malicious, unauthorized access" to information related to a number of account customers. their prepaid wireless.

However, the company did not disclose exactly how the breach occurred, when it happened and how the attacker managed to gain unauthorized access to the personal information of the company's prepaid customers.

What kind of information has been accessed?

Stolen data related to customers' prepaid wireless accounts includes:

Phone number,

Billing address (if customers provide this data during account setup),
Cccount number,
Packages and features.

"Your calling plan and feature is 'customer proprietary network information' ('CPNI') in accordance with FCC regulations, asking us to provide you with notice of this problem." , T-Mobile said.

What type of information is not compromised?

The telecommunications giant confirmed that no financial information, social security numbers and passwords were compromised due to a security breach.

What is T-Mobile currently doing?

The company has taken the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access when it detects and immediately informs law enforcement agencies of security incidents. The company is also informing affected customers via email and directing them to the customer support page on the T-Mobile website.

T-Mobile also made it clear that if you do not receive email notification from the company, your account may not be among those affected by this problem, but “you may not have heard the word [ company] because [it] has no updated contact information for you. ”

T-Mobile said: “We are always working to improve security so that we can stay ahead of the malicious activities and protect our customers. We have several safeguards to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. ”

What should you do now?

Affected customers are encouraged to update their PIN / passcode to access their accounts. Do it even if you are not affected by just to be on the safer side.

Affected customers should also be suspicious of phishing emails, which is often the next step for cyber criminals in an attempt to trick users into providing their passwords and credit card information.

Although the T-Mobile data breach incident does not disclose any financial information, you should always keep a close eye on your bank statements and payment cards for any unusual activity and report them to your bank. item if you find.

The incident occurred more than a year after T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach, revealing names, email addresses, phone numbers, and account information to about 2 million customers.

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