WhatsApp updates new privacy settings on iOS version

New security settings and support for call waiting are two of the latest improvements updated on WhatsApp iOS version.

WhatsApp has quietly rolled out another important update to its iOS app, bringing some new features. New security settings and call waiting support are the highlights of this update, along with other equally important changes.

With the update, the chat screen is constantly updated for WhatsApp users on iPhone. This will help users view messages more quickly and easily. In addition, WhatsApp users can now send messages directly from the Braille keyboard when using Voice Over mode.

Users will find new privacy settings on WhatsApp iOS version, allowing control over who can add them to the group. New settings can be found in Settings / Accounts / Privacy / Groups. Remember that an administrator has the option to send private invitations to users.

Users can find the latest WhatsApp updates for iOS on the App Store, so make sure to download the updates to experience the latest improvements.

Has been around for a long time and became popular on mobile platforms, but recently, WhatsApp has just launched the installation on computers running Windows and Mac OS. Let's download.com.vn to find out what is different with this desktop version of WhatsApp.

  • The main feature of the free chat application WhatsApp
  • Chat for free, secure, end-to-end encrypted messages so no one can read them except sender and receiver
  • Support for group chats
  • Send photos, videos, unlimited documents
  • Share location, share contact in contacts
  • No need to login and password because WhatsApp uses your phone number immediately to confirm registration and login
  • Select wallpaper and notification tones for chats
  • Message many people at the same time
  • Support multi-platform

How does WhatsApp for Windows work?
WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging app that allows you to text and send voice messages without paying extra (except for 3G, Internet data costs) because WhatsApp uses the same Internet connection you Still used to send mail, surf the net. WhatsApp is currently available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, Windows, Mac OS and on the browser. WhatsApp has no ads and does not collect user information for sale to advertising agencies.

Immediately after downloading WhatsApp and installing on your computer you will receive a request to scan the QR code. This requires the WhatsApp application to be installed on a supported mobile device such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

On Android, open WhatsApp> Chats> Menu> WhatsApp Web and bring your phone to the front of your computer screen so that it scans and receives QR codes, similar to Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
On iPhone: open WhatsApp> Settings> WhatsApp Web

After receiving the code, you will be logged into WhatsApp on your computer, all contacts and messages are synchronized so you do not miss any interesting things from your friends.

Compared to the mobile version, currently the desktop version can only send text messages, voice messages but can not make calls. In addition to that limitation, WhatsApp PC offers quite a lot of features like on the mobile version, meaning you can send messages, share photos, videos, unlimited documents, search for friends, share status, create and chat groups, send funny stickers, ...

You will also know if your message has been sent, whether or not it is viewed based on the color of the icon next to the message time.

Everything on WhatsApp is synced in real time when devices are online or syncing later if the device is offline, helping you not to miss important messages and sharing from friends.

In short, the desktop version of WhatsApp has nearly covered every platform, giving you an easier way to chat with friends. No need to embank your phone to check messages while working on your computer, you just need to install WhatsApp on your computer, work and chat without spending too much time because you have to switch. seamlessly between computer and phone.

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