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Windows 10 Debloat Tool GUI improves the Windows 10 tweaker"s usability

Windows 10 Sophia Script is a powerful PowerShell script to make all kinds of tweaks to Windows 10 systems. We reviewed Sophia Script in the past and found it to be a very powerful yet complex option reserved to advanced Windows users who know how to read and edit PowerShell scripts.

The release of Windows 10 Debloat Tool GUI / Debloater (2004/20H2) changes that as it adds a graphical user interface to the tool. All you need to do is download the package from the Benchtweakgaming website, extract it once it has been downloaded, and run the included executable file.

The package includes a version of the Sophia Script so that you can start making changes to the system right away. Note that the tool requires elevated rights and that you will get an UAC prompt when you run it.

windows 10 debloat gui

The graphical user interface uses tabs to divide tweak into different categories. Tweaks are listed in columns in the interface; don"t get confused with the green and red colors used by the program, as these are used as visual distinguishers and not to distinguish between safe and dangerous tweaks.

Each tweak has a checkbox next to it that you use to enable it. All you have to do is go through each tab, check boxes as you see fit, and use the "run PowerShell" option of the output tab to make the changes to the system.

While it is certainly more comfortable using the GUI, as you don"t need to modify the PowerShell script directly, you may find yourself lost when it comes to the purpose of some of the listed tweaks. There is no description, and that means that you need to do some research to find out about a tweak if you can"t work out what it does when you look at its name.

The program does not check current settings to check the various boxes in its interface.

The output tab includes an option to display the PowerShell script based on selections without running it, and options to save output.

Select Options to use the "clear all" or "defaults" options, handy if you want to start over or restore default values to all tweaks.

Closing Words

Windows 10 Debloat Tool GUI is a useful program for users of the Sophia Script. It makes all tweaks of the script available in a graphical user interface, and that makes it easier to work with for many users.

The program has a few shortcomings currently. The text was not very sharp on my Surface Go test system when I ran the program, and the lack of descriptions and current settings check makes it difficult to use. Still, it is easier to use than the PowerShell script.

Now You: Which Windows tweak / privacy software do you use, and why?

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