The house hides the stairs in a 'stack of straw'

HANOI - To remind the northern village, the house staircase is located in a thatched roof cage like a big "stack of straw".

The 157 m2 house in Son Tay town was built by the owner for the purpose of resting weekends.

Located on the sloping land to the lake, the house has a wide and airy view. To take advantage of this as well as meet the needs of homeowners in the country, the architects come up with designs inspired by the northern countryside.

Horizontal structure of developers. The ground floor is lifted off the ground to prevent niches and termites.

Roofs with thatched roofs, spread wide to prevent rain and create cooling shadows. Under the roof, the supporting steel structure is bent, twisted according to the terrain and the height of the house. This is also the most difficult part of the construction process.

The roof is covered with trees so that indoor plants can grow without affecting the interior because of the surrounding walls and glass walls. Combined with thatched roofs is an unburnt brick wall, which helps the house to be soundproof and insulated efficiently.

The highlight of the building is the staircase cage. The outer layer of leaves both conceals the roughness of the concrete and creates a large "stack of straw" in front of the house. The stairwell area is also a skylight, on a crescent-shaped glass roof to bring natural light into the building.

The common living space and kitchen are in the center of the ground floor, next to the office and the guest bedrooms. The main bedroom and sauna are located on the upper floors.

The second floor balcony is the homeowner's favorite relaxing area. From there, the outside looks like a picture frame.

The construction period is 12 months, the cost of finishing is about 2.5 billion dong.

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