Advantages of studying in the US from boarding high school

American boarding high school students can experience a variety of academic programs, academic development, and soft skills to create a stepping stone to top universities.

According to a survey by the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 87% of boarding school graduates feel confident entering college because of being well prepared academically. The fact that students study in the US from high school with boarding schools can contribute to early preparation in terms of language, culture, living habits and learning styles in this country.

Boarding students at Stuart Hall High School, USA. Photo: Stuart Hall

Most American boarding high schools have programs of international standards. In addition to traditional subjects, students will experience a more diverse academic program with advanced classes such as AP, IB, Honor and college preparatory programs... This is also an advantage for students. Their academic records stand out in the application process to top universities.

Studying an advanced study program, the pressure is also greater. Accordingly, teachers of most boarding schools here are selected according to the criteria of ensuring professional quality and enthusiasm to care for students closely.

Besides, with the classroom model at boarding schools, each class ranges from 5 to 12 students and usually sits around round or oval tables. Thus, the students can express their personal views, freely debate, and at the same time, teachers can easily grasp the strengths of each individual.

Boarding high schools in the US have small class sizes. Photo : White Mountain School

In addition, boarding high schools in the US focus on developing soft skills for all students. In addition to academic knowledge, the school promotes the development of each individual's life values ​​such as responsibility and self-control, leadership skills, quality training... through extracurricular activities and projects. judgment for the community. This also plays a big part in the process of building an impressive university profile for students. America's top universities are always interested in individuals who contribute to the community.

Most American boarding schools are located in suburban areas, with a relatively large area. Therefore, these educational units can invest a lot in building infrastructure for sports and art activities, from tennis courts, basketball courts, horse racing farms to dance and music stages. , art.

Extracurricular program at White Mountain School (USA). Photo: White Mountain School

However, the country has nearly 400 boarding schools. The application acceptance rate is not too high, leading to increased competition to ensure the quality of admission. Therefore, many parents and students may have difficulty or confusion in receiving information and choosing a school that is suitable for their personal capacity and family economy.

To overcome this situation, people can participate in direct or indirect exchange seminars with university representatives. In the near future, Sunrise Vietnam Study Abroad and Training Consultancy Company cooperates with Golden Education International (USA) to organize " Top School Scholarship Interview Day in the US" with the participation of 5 universities. boarding school, including: Foxcroft Academy, Stuart Hall School, Maumee Valley Country Day School, The Kiski School and The White Mountain School with scholarships up to $43,240 a year.

The event takes place at 6pm on 11/5. Parents and students can participate online via Zoom platform or directly at Sunrise Vietnam office: 2nd floor, T5 shopping mall, Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

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