Massey University provides mental health care for international students

NEW ZEALAND Massey University focuses on spiritual issues, supporting students to overcome academic pressure, culture shock and many sensitive issues in life.

In a conversation with the topic Digital Citizenship Behavior , part of the Global Unitalk series of events organized by the ISB Institute, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Mia Pham, a senior lecturer in finance, Massey University. Sharing information about international students at the school in particular and New Zealand in general is always supported mentally, especially in the digital space.

Under pressure, go to school

New Zealand is one of the favorite destinations for Vietnamese students. This country has had 10 consecutive years as the most peaceful country in the world in the group of English-speaking countries (according to Global Peace Index, 2019). New Zealand also ranked 3rd in the world in the Global Creativity Index and the Index Of Economic Freedom in 2019.

Every year New Zealand invests billions of dollars in mental health care and improving the quality of life of its people. The Ministry of Health of this country also provides people with hotline channels to share and receive advice from experts. The New Zealand government built the Small Step website so that anyone, not just kiwi people, can use it to overcome stress and balance life.

Small Steps was created by the New Zealand Government to support people's mental health. Photo: Captured from the screen

At Massey University, students experiencing mental health issues can seek help from the school's support program and arrange to see a counselor. "Overseas students who move from high school to university, without their parents around, are often very sensitive. Mental care from the school will be good for you," said Dr. Mia Pham.

Students can also seek emotional support if they are under exam pressure, are bullied, or are experiencing difficult issues. Ms. Mia Pham assessed: "This is a very humane activity of Massey University. Mental issues, big or small, have a great influence on your studies and lives, and even leave negative consequences. serious consequences".

Massey University has a mental health support program for students. Photo: Massey University

The female doctor also gave some notes when young people are active in cyberspace, especially sharing personal information. When starting their study abroad journey in a new country, Vietnamese students often like to share their lives on social networks. This inadvertently can cause your personal information to be revealed and can be used by bad guys, causing trouble.

She recommends that, not only keep your information confidential, you also need to respect the privacy of others. She still remembers the story of a Vietnamese student who accidentally picked up a driver's license, then took a photo and asked on the public group who this belonged to to return it. Although it was a good deed, the owner of the driver's license was not satisfied because his personal information was posted online.

International students should not share too much personal information on social networks. Photo: Massey University

Regarding cyberbullying, Mia Pham believes that this can happen anywhere to anyone. If you are a sensitive person, you will be more vulnerable to information online. Limiting sharing too much private information on social networks is also a way for you to avoid others using it to bully you. "When you feel uncomfortable and hurt with words and pictures online, don't keep it in your heart, share and speak up about your problems", Ms. Mia Pham advises international students.

Safe learning and exchange environment for students

In addition to its mental health programs, Massey University implements digital teaching technology extensively. Most notable is STREAM, the only teaching and learning management system at Massey University.

"Each student at admission will be provided with a separate account to log in. This makes STREAM a safe and effective learning exchange environment for students," said Ms. Mia Pham. Students can use STREAM to access the necessary materials and resources for the class. You can also exchange lesson-related questions on public forums and contact teachers privately when you have problems that need support.

Massey University campus. Photo: Massey University

When having problems while studying and living in New Zealand, Massey University students can also contact the school's hotline. Depending on what you need help with, the school will direct you to a specific department. Students can ask for help with technical issues such as machinery, learning equipment to serious legal matters.

In 2022, Massey University cooperates with Global Pathways to directly recruit Vietnamese students. You can apply for admission with your high school results or your high school exam results. Currently, the Massey Global Pathways program offers two transfer models 1+2 and 1.5+1.5 for students to choose and arrange a flexible study plan that is suitable for themselves.

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