What should international students prepare when New Zealand opens?

International students should find out in advance New Zealand's epidemic prevention policy, costs, training programs and documents according to regulations before entry.

After three years of closure due to Covid-19, foreigners with temporary visas and 5,000 international students have entered the country since April. It is expected that starting from next October or earlier, New Zealand will officially open the border, welcome all students, international students studying in this country.

Currently, the New Zealand Government has issued regulations, international visitors coming here will not need to be isolated if they have been vaccinated and tested for Covid-19 before departure.

Secondly, in addition to epidemic prevention policies, international students need to find out about costs and training programs before starting their study journey in a foreign country. New Zealand's education system is divided into three levels: Kindergarten; General education (primary, junior high, high school); Undergraduate and postgraduate education. In which, high school, university, postgraduate and master are the study levels chosen by the majority of students when studying in New Zealand.

One of New Zealand's most international student attractions is that all eight of its universities are among the top universities in the world. Besides, the degrees of these units are also recognized in many other countries. Accordingly, after graduation, international students can seize many opportunities to work at international companies with attractive income.

All universities in New Zealand are ranked among the top universities in the world. Photo: Unsplash

Compared to neighboring Australia, New Zealand has a lower cost. Annual tuition fees at schools in this country fluctuate on average about 260 million VND for high school, 300-400 million VND for undergraduate level and 380 - 540 million VND for master's level. The cost of living in New Zealand is also about 220 million VND a year, which can be suitable for the financial conditions of many Vietnamese families.

Finally, after researching and deciding on the school and study program, international students need to check the admission requirements and prepare all the necessary documents. The entry requirements of each school of study will be different. Therefore, international students need to fully equip these documents to avoid delaying their study abroad journey.

Usually, students can search on the school's official website or contact reputable study abroad counseling centers for the most accurate and specific information. This will make the application process quicker and easier. In addition, finding out early will also help students seize the opportunity to "hunt" for attractive scholarships, prepare the necessary documents for admission and visa applications.

Students can find out information through the school's website, the Government... Photo: Unsplash

To better prepare for their study abroad plans, Vietnamese students can participate in the " Online New Zealand Study Abroad Day " in May. The program is coordinated by IDP and the New Zealand Education Authority (IDP). ENZ) organization to provide more information, scholarship programs to study in this country.

IDP Education is Australia's leading international enrollment organization with more than 50 years of establishment in the world and more than 25 years of presence in Vietnam. The organization has helped more than 450,000 students successfully study abroad at quality schools in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland. Currently, IDP has a network of 80 international admission offices in 30 different countries, working together to achieve the goal of bringing success to all students who are aspiring to study abroad.

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