Macquarie University awards 11 billion VND scholarships to Global Pathways students

Macquarie University has just awarded scholarships to excellent students in the Macquarie Global Pathways study abroad program.

All scholarships with a total value of up to AUD 700,000, equivalent to more than VND 11 billion, have been awarded to excellent Macquarie Global Pathways students transferring in 2022, both in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities. learn.

In which, 3 students with the best achievements receive ASEAN Partner scholarships, worth 15,000 AUD for each remaining academic year in Australia. 8 students receive a VCIS Ambassador scholarship of AUD 5,000 (one time) plus the ASEAN scholarship of AUD 10,000 for each remaining academic year in Australia. In addition, other students of the Macquarie Global Pathways program transferring in 2022 will also receive ASEAN scholarships worth 10,000 AUD per academic year.

Macquarie University held a ceremony to award scholarships to excellent students in the Macquarie Global Pathways program on May 4. Photo: Macquarie Global Pathways

Pham Tan Toan is one of three Macquarie Global Pathways students who have just received the ASEAN Partner scholarship. In addition to the GPA in phase 1 with 7 subjects with 9.0/10 or higher, Toan also achieved many achievements outside the classroom such as: Champion of Intelligent Investment Competition 2020; Presentation on best academic research at the 5th Vietnam Conference on Business, Economics and Resources (VBER 2021); Scientific research in the field of Economics - Finance was published in the international journal Heliyon/Elsevier BV.

Toan shared that this scholarship is a motivation to continue his study efforts in the field of investment - finance - which is Toan's great passion. "I think that pursuing your passion and preparing carefully, step by step, is also the key to successful study abroad," Toan said.

Mr. Matthew Monkhouse, Director of Global Admissions and Development, Southeast Asia and Eurasia at Macquarie University, said at the award ceremony: "I hope you will excel in the program. Global Pathways , please take advantage of the services for students at the school. Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of Macquarie University, open to receive and you will have many interesting and rewarding experiences when studying abroad."

Mr. Matthew Monkhouse - Director of Global Admissions and Development, South East Asia and Eurasia at Macquarie University (left) and Pham Tan Toan - Macquarie Global Pathways student received the ASEAN Partner Scholarship on April 4. /5. Photo: Macquarie Global Pathways

As the only university located in the heart of the high-tech Macquarie Park Innovation District - which is known as "Australia's Silicon Valley", Macquarie University creates many opportunities for students to have early access to leading businesses. .

With offices of more than 400 multinational enterprises and leading technology corporations such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Philips, Canon... located on campus, Macquarie students have a "golden" opportunity to practice and practice. Or looking for a job right before graduation.

Benefiting from a prime location along with the curriculum of a university ranked in the top 1% of the world's best schools, Macquarie University students stand out for their dynamic, creative and community-oriented qualities. .

Macquarie University campus. Photo: Macquarie University

Famous blogger among young people, Helly Tong was a student of business administration at Macquarie University. After graduating, Helly Tong returned home to start a business with the Heverly project - a coffee chain, vegetarian restaurant, fashion, and cosmetics. Helly is also always devoted to environmental protection activities, inspiring many educational and reading projects. She always exudes stability, bravery and the spirit of dare to think, dare to do, always want to conquer new things. "It doesn't matter where I am, what matters is that I feel valued," Helly said.

The environment and startup culture are strong points of the city of Sydney in general and Macquarie University students in particular. Nguyen Manh Tien - Macquarie Global Pathways alumnus - is the founder of, a tool for applying AI to copywriting for e-commerce companies. Before that, while studying at Macquarie, you co-founded Foodtap - a QR code ordering system. Foodtap was selected to the Catalysr 2020 Accelerate program, and was reported in the Australian startup newspaper.

A representative of Macquarie University said that the school will continue to award many scholarships to excellent students in Vietnam and ASEAN, creating conditions for them to study and develop in a dynamic and modern environment. Macquarie Global Pathways study abroad program is being chosen and appreciated by many young people.

The program has a total training period of 3 years. In which, in the period in Vietnam, with studying entirely in English, students are trained in the language, equipped with necessary study abroad skills and academic skills of Western universities. After that, you will transfer to study abroad and receive a degree at Macquarie University. Your total study time and qualifications are the same as those of native students who started studying in Australia.

With a flexible training model of 1+2, 1.5+1.5 and 2+1, Macquarie Global Pathways students can choose the time to transfer to study abroad when they are ready.

The cooperation program allows Vietnamese students to choose the fields of study with the best training quality at the university, including: Business Administration, Media - Media and Creative Arts, and Creative Arts. Arts and Social Sciences.

Mr. Matthew Monkhouse said that now is a very good time for international students to come to Australia in general and Macquarie University in particular. During the new normal, students can study in person, participate in community activities like before the pandemic.

He also advises students coming to Macquarie to make the most of their time in Australia, "immersing" in each academic and extra-curricular activity, to have a meaningful and fulfilling study abroad journey.

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