Experience interesting things in Jordan

Guests enjoy the feeling of sleeping in the 'moonlight valley', exploring the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra.

Jordan with the natural wonders and wonders of the ancients such as the ancient city of Jerash, the Hẹc-Quin temple, the Roman theater, the Wadi Rum red desert, the Dead Sea and the city of Rose Petra.

Overnight in Wadi Rum "moonlight valley"

The Wadi Rum Desert is captivated by the characteristic reddish brown color of the geology, which can give you a feeling of being lost in Mars. Colors are made up of a chemical component known as iron oxide. Jordan's largest desert is located in the southwest of the country, more than 300km from the capital Amman and just over 100km from Petra. This desert corner has been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage and a favorite destination for Mediterranean tourists, just after Petra.

Jordan with the natural wonders and wonders of the ancients.

When traveling to Jordan, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the night sleeping in tents in the desert. At night the temperatures drop, so Bedouin tents or other desert nomadic tribes are made from fleece to keep people sleeping inside.

Visitors experience the tranquil, empty Middle East night sky, listening to the wind blowing through the sand dunes.

Experience the feeling of "zero gravity" on the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is located in the basin between Jordan and Israel. Millions of years ago, due to geological tectonics, a long crack that people named the Valley Rift, extending from the Taurus mountain range in Turkey to the Zambezi valley in southern Africa. In other words, the sea itself has separated from the Mediterranean to form a large salt lake 76 km long, 18 km wide and 400 m deep.

Wadi Rum desert is fascinated by the unique reddish brown color of the geology.

Through many geological and climatic changes, the water in the lake became salty so that no species of plants and animals could grow. The sea no longer merges into the ocean. In order to save the sea by rapid climate change in the future, it is planned to dig a canal to bring water from the Red Sea, running through Israel and pouring into "raising" the sea.

It is also because of its salinity that visitors can easily float on the water even when they cannot swim. In addition, the mineral mud in the Dead Sea is also said to have many therapeutic and skincare uses.

Discover the ancient city of Petra

Petra used to be the ancient capital of the flourishing Nabataen kingdom from the 6th century BC, Petra flourished until it was subdued before the Roman Empire in the 2nd century AD.

From the 12th century, the name of Petra was almost forgotten, the whole city sank into ruins. By the nineteenth century, a Swiss tourist disguised as a Bedouin and found the old city had slept in the past.

Imagine Petra, it is a picture of a girl in a garish outfit. Perhaps so people often call Petra by the beautiful name of the city of red roses.

Petra ancient city.

Jordan does not have an Embassy in Vietnam, so to get a visa, many people have to spend a lot of money to fly to Kualalumpur in Malaysia or take Beijing China to apply.

Currently, the exclusive and experienced tour company Offtrack Travel will provide Jordan visa service from Vietnam for customers who want to experience the beautiful Middle East.

Jordan visa procedures, records include:

- Photo of page 2.3 passport
- Photograph of all pages with visa and entry stamp on passport, bank statement for the last 3 months (for working people), or photo / scan of the savings book of at least VND 100 million, and 6 months, photo / soft copy of 2-way airline tickets, hotel booking.

Terms and conditions:

- Register and send documents at least one month before the departure date, the visa period is from 2-3 weeks.
- Deposit VND 3 million upon registration, pay the rest upon receipt of visa confirmation.
- 100% refund if not passing visa.
- Cost: 6.8 million VND per guest, including Visa Jordan, flight confirmation, support for airport / border entry from Jordan, with a 10Gb phone and internet simcard + premium travel insurance package with compensation of up to one billion.

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