Japanese beef worth millions of dollars landed Vietnam market

Japanese beef such as Kobe, Hida, although many times more expensive than American and Australian cows, are still many Vietnamese restaurants.

A manager of a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City said there are many types of Japanese beef. But the most common way is to make beefsteak with as few spices as possible, because the aroma of the meat comes from the beef fat when cooked. Here, the most expensive dish is the premium beefsteak that costs 690,000 VND for 250 grams.

In addition, in order to attract customers who want to enjoy Japanese-origin beef, many restaurants use minced beef mixed with pork according to the ratio of beef - pork is 7: 3 to produce Minced meat Japanese style hamburger. The price of a Japanese beef burger is about 150,000 VND or more, while a delicious American beef burger costs only about 110,000 VND.

Ms. Ngan, owner of a store specializing in trading of imported meats in District 1, said the reason Japanese beef is popular with Vietnamese customers because of its delicious taste, softness, aroma and the feeling of melting in her mouth when eating. . The amount of beef fat in a piece of meat determines the deliciousness of that piece of meat. Fat is not too much nor too little, not bored and must be very soft.

Kobe beef is 5-6 times higher than American and Australian beef, which is still well received by Vietnamese consumers.

Japanese beef is often called Wagyu (not a specific region), but there are many types, including the most famous are Kobe beef, Hida, Miyazaki ... These are the premium types of beef. can be called a "luxury" in the world beef market

The price of one kilogram of Kobe black calf beef tenderloin A5 is distributed by Ms. Ngan for 4.5 million dong, while the lower grade A4 costs 3.8 million. She said that Japanese beef products are currently selling well despite the price 5-6 times higher than US and Australian cows. A group of high-end customers who enjoyed Wagyu beef at restaurants have begun to switch to buying at home.

"I only sell 'pure' Kobe beef, not Kobe beef, so the price is higher than the price at some restaurants," said the owner.

Facing increasing demand, the black Kobe beef breed has also been raised by the Kobe Beef Joint Stock Company with limited quantity in Lam Dong, the expected selling price is about 3 million VND per kg (delicious), cheaper. equivalent to import about 30%, and the lowest is 700,000 VND per kg.

A representative of the company said that the cows could listen to music, drink beer and have a full massage like the cows raised in Japan. After raising for about 28 to 32 months, the new cow is slaughtered. Japanese cattle experts with more than 40 years of experience ensure each cow is cared for for the best meat quality.

Currently, Kobe beef of the Company has not been sold yet. In addition to processing dishes at some special banquets of the parent corporation, the amount of Kobe beef consumed monthly is only dripped to the sole customer who is a rich man in Laos.

In addition to Kobe, there is information that Hida beef - a kind of meat higher than Kobe beef, has been present in Vietnam with prices ranging from 5 million to 9 million VND per kg, but there is currently no official restaurant promoting. spread these steaks.

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