Many rich people want to own a second passport

The possession of an extra passport makes traveling and connecting with businesses more convenient.

In a globalized economy, the demand for free entry into many countries also increases. Passports are bound to make it more difficult to access global business, financial, professional and lifestyle opportunities.

Today, the rich have a need for international and transnational travel, business and lifestyle. They want to establish facilities, business networks, properties, real estate and even nationalities in many countries. In many ways, global connectivity has become an indispensable feature to create wealth and preserve wealth.

According to information on the passport ranking index of consulting firm Henley, Vietnamese passports are ranked at number 90 with the number of countries exempted from visas is 51 countries. This is a barrier that Vietnamese entrepreneurs want to own a second passport for easy travel, more efficient business.

No longer confined to owning yachts, airplanes or hotel chains, the rich also aspire to possess multiple nationalities and passports. Many rich people believe that having an extra passport is extremely important for them and their family, especially the visa exemption to many countries around the world.

According to a 2017 report by one of the global citizen consulting firms, 89% of the world wants to own a second passport and over 34% confirm that they are looking into the first program. What nationality ownership is suitable for the family.

The report adds that a survey of 80% of the rich said that they are willing to spend 5% of their annual income on investing in a second nationality. This is actually more than their monthly rent.

According to the representative of Orient & Pacific Vietnam, the difference between nationality and a residence card is not a right to live in developed countries, choose a prestigious school or be protected by health, travel flexibility and visa waiver, which rules may change. At that time, the residence card or residence card can be deprived, while the nationality is permanently owned and handed back to the next generation.

Of the 23 countries in the world that have an investment program to obtain a residence card, or citizenship, an investment program to obtain a passport of the Caribbean countries - a passport valid for visa exemption to 130 countries around the world. There is a simple document process and low investment.

For example, the program for applying for citizenship of Dominica with a non-refundable charitable donation of USD 100,000 or the option of investing real estate at a minimum of USD 200,000, the investor's family can receive a passport after about 5 -6 months.

Choosing European countries like Cyprus passport or Greek immigration card, Malta, investors also enjoy the benefits of living, studying, protection, financial planning, taxes ... However, the investment will be more like the Cyprus citizenship program under the current regulations of 2 million euros in real estate or other economic sectors, while the investment for the Greek minimum residence card is 250,000 euros in real estate.

Greek immigration card is also a prerequisite for applying for Greek citizenship after 7 years living in this country. As for the Malta settlement program, there is a financial support solution, investors only need to spend 170,000 euros, all members of the investor's family will receive a Malta residence card.

Orient & Pacific Vietnam (OPV) is a leading global consulting firm. Currently, the company has many prestigious partners in the world in collaboration with real estate development group Range Development - which is developing luxury resorts under the brand Six Senses, Hyatt and Kempinski in Caribbean countries; Consulting firm Casamont specializes in consulting investment programs to obtain a Cyprus Republican passport and Greek settlement card. In the near future, these partners will hold a seminar to meet directly with the investors of the projects to answer investors' questions about the content of the programs and the risks of investing.

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